Today is a beautiful day!

Yes, today is a beautiful day. It is a glorious radiant day outside, it would seem early summer is here given the seasonal trends of the last few years (summer in April, anyone?). I’m sure I’m not alone in seeing beauty very easily on days like today. The sky has a vigorous blue depth to it, with pale streaks of clouds drifting off far away. The air is heavy with the scent of gorse and pine … and that warm smell of summer is tantalising and welcoming all at once. If you look carefully you can see how the warmth radiates air from the groud, making it shimmer above the brush-line. A warm, hazy, lazy day.

But not everything is lazy. Out on my walk at lunchtime I spotted several butterflies – a vibrant distinctive yellow to their wings. Or perhaps it was the same one that followed me for miles? It seemed that way at the time, but I have no way of knowing. What do butterflies do, where do they live, how do they appreciate their lives? To me butterflies speak of transformation, of the possibilities of re-birth and opportunity. How colourful they are and how joyously they seem to flitter through their lives, moving from one opportunity for food to another. It seems there is much we can learn from their approach.

Nor too were the birds of prey being lazy. Looking up at the deep blue hue of the sky I saw one, and then another, slowly and gracefully circling above, occasionally flapping their wings in between periods of gliding effortlessly through the air. Such beauty to their movement, in synchronicity with one another – and then a third bird much higher, so much so that it looked like a tiny bird in comparison, and yet once my eyes had adjusted I could see it too was hunting for its prey. Time seemed to stand still whilst I watched them, and yet when I turned away for two-three minutes at the ‘dog-pond’ where mine were taking some welcome respite from the heat, when I returned my gaze to the sky the birds were nowehere to be seen.

It seems nature can teach us so much, and effortlessly so. The joy of being able to soar above in the sky ~ and indeed the sense of perspective that might give one. The opportunities to flit from flower to flower, from place to place, yet with their main focus being survival and presence rather than ambition, grasping and avoidance. The ability to enjoy and live in the moment (even fearful moments), and to not know any other way of being. And always the possibilities for transformation ~ from birth to growth, death and re-birth. Nature continually reminds us of the cycle of life and it is a beautiful day to be reminded of it.

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