Everywhere is my home …

I was looking at the simple truth this morning that my body is my home. Even if I lose all material and other things around me, or even part(s) of my body – whilst I’m alive the body that I have is my home. So, the question that arose next is why not show it more love, care and attention? It is the only home I have, really. It deserves more care and attention than it gets! But that got me on to thinking that if we start with self, taking better care of ourselves, our minds and bodies, this can soon ripple out further.

What if we were able to go through life appreciating that everywhere is our home?

It might begin with an appreciation of our own bodies (and minds), showing them greater care and appreciation, but extend to our bricks/mortar/timber/caravan/’other’ homes (assuming we have one, which -rightly or wrongly – I tend to do for anyone reading things on the web) – how can we lavish care and attention on the homes we call our own? This is often easier than we think. I have seen fabulous flower displays on some balconies in the most depressing tower blocks in the nearest city – those people aren’t limited by not having a garden to call their own, they simply create what they can in the space they are graced with. Or it could be decluttering, 15 minutes at a time, all the excess ‘stuff’ in our homes; maybe cleaning regularly (see Flylady again!) or a spot of painting – or just living more simply or frugally.

But what if we extended our notion of home even further? Look at the villages that pull together to compete for things like ‘Best in Bloom’ or even those involved in ‘guerilla gardening’, trying, albeit illegally, to bring joy through plants to mass communities. Or, it could be those working together to create safer neighbourhoods and communities, to save or even to provide local services that the Government cannot/will not fund? Or those who litterpick, work in conservation and the like?

And out the ripple goes … this world is our home. All the things we choose to do have a greater or lesser impact on our homes: whether we are talking about our bodies, our ‘homes’ or the planet. Is there one thing you can choose to do today that can bring joy to one of those homes?

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