What if this was the last time?

It is so easy in modern life to be disconnected from what is happening around us whilst it is happening – how many of us really appreciate or even see/hear/smell/taste/feel the things in our lives?

What if is this was the last time?

For the last week I have been asking myself this question whilst I go about my day to day activities, and it has really helped focus my mind, even if only momentarily. So, what if this is the last time I will walk the dogs here – which path would I take? What would I really notice here? What do I think I would miss if I could never be here again? 

This doesn’t have to be a question about loss or death, it could simply be about moving elsewhere or making different choices in life that means you won’t revisit this place again. But I do find that death – the prospect of death – is the ultimate focuser (at least in my mind), but we tend to forget on a daily basis that we will never know if this day will be our last.

However, the death of a loved one or even a casual acquiantance alway recalibrates my priorities, and almost without question in a good way. Realising that this might be the last time that I can smell the roses in my garden, or touch, smell and taste the sweet basil growing there, or to send love to one of my dogs – and really feel their fur between my fingers and maybe a cold wet nose against my foot as they nuzzle in for some affection – or taste my morning coffee, or appreciate a goodbye hug from a loved one as they leave for work in the morning.

These are all simple, joyous events, but how many of them are we really present for? And what gratitude might we show for being so blessed in our lives if only we opened our hearts and minds to appreciate everything we already have, without the need to crave for more?

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